Reyhaneh Fallah

Clinical psychologist, Adult,child and teenager psychoanalysis psychotherapist, Couple psychoanalysis psychotherapist

Dr Reyhaneh Fallah is PHD psychologist from Kerman University. She took her Masters’ Degree in Clinical Psychology at University of Social Welfare & Rehabilitation Science   on 2013. She was graduated in Bachelors’ Degree of clinical Psychology on 2003. At the same time, she commenced working in Razi Psychiatric Hospital under “Human Resource Plan” specified for graduates of this field of study, and continue that until now. In this 20 years, she attempted to work on overtime, attending research plans as assistant even on part-time, and started to educate and researched in different field of psychology most of the time about psychosis and women who have psychiatric disorders and personnel who working there. In this regard, she was as educational supervisor for training students at Razi Hospital and had been presented lectures and courses in this field at the hospital and other areas.

 On 2004, she started her individual psychoanalytical treatment with Psychotherapists and Iranian professors who in that time returning to Iran.  Thus, out trainings commenced under the supervision of professors and institutes being under superintendence of members of International Association of Psychoanalysts (IPA). Her career started with Freudism Psychoanalysis Group under supervising by Dr. Gohar Homayour Pour, following which she got acquainted with HAM AVA institute under the supervision of Dr. Moshtagh. Currently, she shall be considered as the superior member, supervisor and instructor of Psychoanalysis Studies Center of Tehran superintended by Dr. Roshanayi.

She was interesting with classical approaches and started her training with Freud and object relational approaches, and from 5 years ago, she has received training and supervision in the Bionian approaches through online courses with Dr Afsaneh Alisobhani,, and also another member’s under the guidance psychoanalysts affiliated with the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA),  Hadi Rahimi Danesh about object relational approach and psychoanalytic couple therapy.

Her interesting research fields are femininity, society and culture, psychosis structure and traits, and body as well as clinical work.

  • paper in 2d psychoanalytic Congress of Tehran.
    Is there PI between staffs of psychiatric Hospital?
  • working with psychotic patients, psychoanalytic consideration of staff mental health workplace in The 1st International WPA Psychotherapy conference in Malaysai.2019
  •  Anger in psychiatric Hospital. Presented in Rozbeh Hospital seminars. 2018
  • more than 20 lectures in Razi Hospital about psychosis structure and trait.

translating book of “The patient and The Analyst”, Josef Sandler.