Pooya olfati

Pooya olfati, a clinical psychology student, has been trained in classical psychoanalysis with the Lacanian approach since 2017/2016, since then he has started his personal psychoanalysis within the framework of a professional approach to psychoanalysis. Pooya olfati learned Lacanian psychoanalysis with Dr. Hassan Makarami (Lacanian psychoanalyst and researcher at the Sorbonne University in France) has started and is currently teaching this process in the course of Lacan’s theory in the Siavoshan and Space Analytique group.
Also, in the framework of a professional view of psychoanalysis, he considers himself obliged to receive supervision. He is also interested in cinema and literature, and uses them in order to expand and deepen his view of the human subject
His clinical area of interest is working with adults in the context of a deep and long process based on a historical and cultural view of the human subject