Nastaran Rafiee

psychodynamic psychotherapist

I completed my Master of Psychology degree in 2007 from Allameh Tabatabai University. During my career, specializing in individual psychotherapy and addiction treatment. Prior to delving into psychoanalysis, I underwent training and gained experience in three specific areas: treating personality disorders,  addiction treatment, and conducting family therapy with a cognitive approach (CBT-DBT-ACT). As my training encompassed a diverse range of fields, I found myself drawn to psychoanalysis. In 2016, I commenced my psychoanalytic training while working , at the Tehran Center for Psychoanalytic Studies and later under the guidance of Dr. Marzieh Hadavi , a renowned professor and supervisor affiliated with the American Institute of Modern Psychoanalysis (CMPS) , and finally at the Lakan School (Dr. Makarmi). My training involved individual and  group supervision sessions led by experienced professors in the field of psychoanalysis.

In my previous role, I collaborated with the Tehran Municipality on designing programs aimed at preventing substance abuse among teenagers and promoting healthy family dynamics. Together with my team, we developed training courses for psychologists and other professionals, which were conducted at the Tehran Municipality. Since 2013, I have been working with the National Addiction congress, my role is reviewing new addiction articles. as a health monitoring advisor, I have collaborated with occupational health centers to oversee the health of managers, employees, and workers.

Additionally, I contributed to the translation of a book titled “Salem Family: Primary Addiction Prevention Training Package for Specialist Staff Training,” focusing on addressing marijuana dependence and authoring the book “Healthy Family” (Healthy Family: Primary Prevention Training Package for Addiction, Specialized Staff Training).

In conclusion, my interests lie in psychoanalysis, family dynamics, addiction treatment, and the intersection of psychology with art.

Master’s degree in psychology from Allameh Tabatabai University

Healthy family book: prevention of addiction with a healthy family
Translation of the book Brief Counseling for Marijuana Dependence: A Manual for Treating Adults