Elnaz Eskandarnia

Clinical Psychologist, CBT therapist, Schema therapist

Elnaz Eskandarnia has been graduated in M.A clinical psychology from Birjand University and she has been lecturing as a clinical psychology in Medical University of sciences since 2012 . she is an expert psychotherapist with over 11 years of experience in the field of anxiety and depressive disorders, personality assessment .Her therapeutic approach includes CBT and Schema therapy .she learned her courses with some significance teacher in Iran .she is a member of Iran Psychology and Counseling System Organization. She has been interested in the field of research and has published a plethora of papers in some internal and international psychological magazines. She presented some articles or posters in internationals congress in Iran and other countries . In addition she has a history of teaching at the university and working with students in terms of refereeing and consulting professor of theses and research projects with the titles of psychology since 2014 until now.
She like to work with adult clients by  mood disorder and personality specially borderline