Dr. Zahra Rajaei

Psychiatrist, Psychoanalytical Psychotherpist, Group Analyst

Dr. Zahra Rajaei, who specialized in psychiatry from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, started her career as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist six years ago. She is a member of the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Research Center of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Hamrah Psychoanalytical Institute, and one of the founders of the WOGSLO Working and Study Group. She is interested in analytical group therapy and has been trained for two years under the supervision of the Stockholm Group analytic Institute GAI. So far, Rajaei has translated a book on organizational psychoanalysis entitled “Systemic Psychodynamic Approach to Organizations” from English to Farsi, and she is also one of the authors of a book entitled “Get Better and Stay Better,” a self-help guide for patients with Parkinson disease.

She has a history of lecturing and presenting articles at several psychoanalytic and psychiatry congresses in Tehran. He has also played a role as a simultaneous translator in analytic group therapy courses and workshops. In the clinical field, she is interested in working with young people and people suffering from trauma, job burnout, interpersonal problems, and psychiatric disorders (such as depression, anxiety, grief, etc.).