Dr.Samira Zarrabi Ajami

Clinical Health Psychologist Dr. Zarrabi’s research area has focused on psychosomatic illnesses and mind-body interactions, particularly in patients with cancer and multiple sclerosis. After completing her doctorate in psychology, she continued her studies in neuroscience in brain stimulation, particularly in trauma-related disorders.

She started her clinical activity as a psychotherapist in 2012 with a relational approach. She has continued with Integrative Psychoanalytically Oriented Psychotherapy and multidisciplinary methodologies such as neuro-psychoanalysis. Dr. Zarrabi is an official trainer of Mindfulness in Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness (TMS) & MBSR branch. Her interest in group relations and experiential learning has added to her skills and understanding of psychosomatic diseases and issues caused by trauma, particularly injuries caused by violence against