Dr. Nazi Ramezani

Psychologist – child and adolescent psychotherapist.

Dr. Nazi Ramezani Golafzani, who has a Ph.D. in psychology, started his clinical activity in the field of children and adolescents 12 years ago. He has studied the courses of play therapy and painting therapy as well as child psychotherapy with an analytical approach from the professors of this field. He has activities such as managing the family and child department of Atiye Derakhshan Clinic, being a member of the specialized committee for evaluating and diagnosing disorders of children and adolescents and holding parenting workshops and children’s group therapy.

He is also a candidate for analytical psychotherapy at the Tehran Center for Psychoanalytic Studies. In the clinical field, improving the parent-child relationship Psychotherapy of children and adolescents with an analytical approach Group therapy aimed at strengthening skills for teenagers Parenting counseling is one of his favorite areas.

  • BA: Shahed university
  • MA: Shahid Beheshti university
  • PhD: Semnan Azad university
  • Candidate for analytical psychotherapy- Tehran center for psychoanalytic studies
  • Play seminar course (Dr.Sagart)
  • Child study course (Dr.Sagart)
  • Psychoanalytic psychotherapy for child and adolescent (Dr.Alizadeh)
  • Play therapy course (Shahid Beheshti university)
  • Art therapy (Shahid Beheshti university)