Dr.Motahareh AllahRabbi

Psychodynamic psychotherapy,adult,Child psychotherapy,Adolescent psychotherapy,Parenting consultant,psychologist

Motahareh AllahRabbi has a doctorate in general psychology and has an official license from the Organization of Psychological and Counseling System of Iran. Since 2012, she has been providing training and treatment in the field of psychoanalysis and psychoanalysis. Treatment of children, teenagers and adults, training of parents in the field of parenting and dealing with people with borderline disorders and suicide have been his attention. Among his other activities besides psychotherapy; Educational management of preschool center and school counseling and dealing with children and teenagers issues. She translated two books titled “Winnicott’s Children” and “Kohut and Winnicott; About interdisciplinary issues and complex disorders” into Farsi language. Also, her article was selected in the 4th Iran Psychoanalytic Congress