Dr.Mojdeh Rigi

I am Mojdeh Rigi a psychiatrist with a board certification in psychiatry. Currently, I am engaged in further studies as a candidate in psychoanalysis at the Psychoanalytic Studies Center in Tehran. Following my residency period and due to my interest in psychoanalysis, under the guidance of esteemed professors, alongside therapy and counseling, I began analytical psychotherapy and continued to specialize more deeply in psychology and its complexities since 2018, in accordance with the triple standards of treatment, supervision, and education. Within the realm of psychoanalysis, I am interested in trauma, mourning, migration, couple therapy, and group therapy, as well as studying issues related to identity and gender. Currently, I am involved in both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical therapy and counseling in areas such as depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction, behavioral disorders, personality disorders, ect