Dr.Mahtab Motamed

Dr Mahtab Motamed has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, is a Group Therapist taking an Analytical Psychotherapy Approach, and a Research Fellow in Tehran Pchycoanalytical Studies Center.
She is also the founder and manager of HAMRAH Psycho-Analytical Therapy and head of Psychology and Psychiatry Department of Trita Hospital.
While her greatest concern is creation of a self-conscious and more peaceful world, she has been working hard for the last couple of years to introduce a modern style for creating a much better here and now and have a more beautiful future by relying on retrospection and achieve unconsciousness which may come true simply by stepping into the world of dreams and leaving the land of sadness and sorrow.
Accordingly, in addition to getting involved in psychoanalysis, she has gained precious experience in terms of self-awareness and self-consciousness which has led to a solid background in her field of activity, which has naturally been manifested in developing methods and procedures for achieving self-conscious along with a peaceful mind.