Dr. Faraneh Ghaffari Hosseini 

Dr. Faraneh Ghaffari Hosseini received the psychiatric board in the summer of 2022. Before that, since 2020, she worked with clients in Tehran Institute of Psychiatry with an dynamic psychotherapy approach. Her introduction and study of psychodynamic psychotherapy began more than ten years ago, in the course of general medicine, starting with her own psychotherapy and then the study of classic texts of psychoanalysis; This issue provided the basis for choosing psychiatry as a specialty after general medicine.

During her residency, she started to work on cultural differences and their possible impact on the psychotherapy of Iranian clients and finally completed her thesis on this subject with the title “Investigation of culture-related characteristics in the Iranian subject from the perspective of psychotherapists working in two cultures”. She also participated in research regarding on morality decision making in different cultures. 

She is interested in working not only on symptoms, but with anyone who is curious and would like to collaborate and learn more about their psych. 

Dr. Faraneh Ghaffari Hosseini is also interested in using psychoanalytical theories in different fields, other than therapy. Group Relations Conferences and analytical networks coaching. She is now in a training program called Analytical-Network coaching.