Dr. Behnam Shariati

Psychiatrist, Griatric Psychiatry Fellowship

Dr. Behnam Shariati, a specialist in psychiatry from Iran University of Medical Sciences, has been practicing as a psychiatrist for the past ten years. In 2013, he achieved the highest rank in the national board of psychiatry and currently serves as an associate professor in the geriatric psychiatry department at Iran University of Medical Sciences. Dr. Shariati has a keen interest in treating and caring for elderly individuals who suffer from psychiatric disorders, Alzheimer’s, and other types of dementia.

He spent four months at the Surrey London Trust, specifically in the geriatric psychiatry department, further enhancing his expertise in this field. Additionally, Dr. Shariati has authored a book on memory strengthening in older people, collaborating with other experts in the field. He has also made significant contributions to reference books on psychiatry and sleep medicine, specifically in older adults, memory, and treatment, aimed at educating students.

With over 50 scientific papers published in esteemed medical journals, Dr. Shariati actively engages in research. Currently, he is leading the national multidimensional project on dementia prevention in Iranian seniors.