Dr.Azade Abooei

Dr. Azade Abooei is an experienced family counselor with over 9 years of expertise in the field. She has been an assistant professor of family counseling and the head of department since 2019 in Science & Arts university in Iran. she teaches counseling techniques, psychotherapy, and couples therapy to graduate students in clinical psychology and family counseling. This has helped her gain proficiency in effectively educating this approach. Dr. Abooei specializes in Emotional focused therapy, a therapeutic approach she has been practicing since 2018. she holds an official license from the Psychological Association of Iran. Her educational background includes graduating from emotion focused therapy from institute of  Iran Emotion Focused Therapy IREFT &  the international center for excellence in emotion focus therapy (ICEEFT)& now she actively involved as a member of Ireft.  Additionally, she completed several online courses in working with emotions & working with Ambivalence in EFT under the supervision of Robert Elliot. she is currently engaged in providing specialized psychotherapy training with an attachment-oriented approach, specifically focused on immigrants, under the supervision of Gila Bahnad.

Dr. Abooei has had the privilege of working alongside renowned professionals in the field of couple therapy with such as Dr. sindy goodness zine, as a volunteer small group facilitator. Furthermore, In her work with the Institute of Reproductive Sciences, Dr. Abooei has a strong preference for and major influence on psychotherapy interventions for infertile couples.In addition to her clinical practice and academic achievements, Dr. Abooei has also made contributions to the field through his translations of psychological books from English to Farsi such as Grief and Loss by Katherine Walsh and infertility workbook by Barbara Blitzer. She is deeply interested in issues related to couples, such as marital conflicts, infidelity, divorce, and post-divorce life reconstruction. With numerous educational endeavors, she is actively working to deepen her understanding and expertise in these domains.

Motivational split, working with Ambivalence in EFT presented by Prof Robert Elliot.
Emotional focused therapy by Dr Giulia Altera
Emotional focused therapy by Dr sindy Goodness Zane
Marital infidelity intervention by Dr Ali Sahebi
Marriage counseling by Dr Ali Sahebi
Sex therapy by Dr mohammadAli Besharat

Greif and loss