Dr.Alena Makvandi

My name is Alena Makvandi, I graduated from Tehran University in Medicine and Psychiatry from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, and now I am continuing my studies as a candidate for psychoanalysis at Tehran Psychoanalytic Studies Centre.

From the residency period, due to my interest in the field of psychoanalysis, under the supervision of respected professors, I started analytical psychotherapy in addition to drug treatment and counselling, and continued my interest in the psyche and its complexities since 2017 in a more specialized manner and in accordance with the three principles for a psychoanalysis  I am working in therapy, education supervision.

I have a history of speaking at psychiatry congresses inside and outside the country, as well as a history of teaching medical students, in the field of psychoanalysis, I am concerned with issues such as trauma, bereavement, immigration, and studies on issues related to identity and gender.

Currently, I am engaged in medical and non-medicinal treatment and counselling in areas such as depression, anxiety, obsession and addiction, behavioural disorders, personality disorders, etc.