Mohammad Hossein Salmanian Mashhadi

psychoanalytic psychotherapis

Mohammad Hossein Salmanian Mashhadi is a PhD student in psychology at Ferdowsi university and has a master’s degree in clinical psychology. He is an individual adult psychoanalytic psychotherapist. he began his training in the field of analytical psychotherapy and psychoanalysis under various professors in 2016. He was a member of the Freudian group in Tehran for two years in 2019, and continued his education under professors by attending courses related to reading articles on ego psychology and classical and Lacanian psychoanalysis. Since 2021, he has started his professional career as a clinical psychologist in Mashhad Central Prison and as an psychoanalytic psychotherapist in a clinic, utilizing the triple standards of psychoanalysis (training, personal therapy, and supervision) in his work. He has also been teaching at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad since 2023 and conducting seminars focusing on introducing psychoanalysis at Ferdowsi University and the Jihad. Salmanian Mashhadi has also worked as a clinical psychologist at Hashemi Nejad Gas Refinery, providing clinical research and therapy to improve the mental health of the company’s employees.