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The platform offers a range of services, including counseling, education, and psychodynamic psychotherapy, tailored to the needs of clients.

Yes, the platform provides Persian language therapists to cater to the needs of Persian-speaking clients.
To access the services, you can sign up on the platform and connect with a therapist that suits your needs.
Yes, all therapists on the platform are qualified and licensed professionals in the field of psychotherapy and psychiatry.
Yes, you have the option to browse through the profiles of therapists on the platform and choose the one that you feel most comfortable with.
Yes, the platform prioritizes your privacy and ensures that all your information and conversations with therapists remain confidential and secure.
The platform offers secure payment options, and you can choose to pay for therapy sessions using various methods, including credit cards and online payment gateways.
Yes, the platform provides additional resources such as articles, videos, and self-help tools to support your mental health journey.
If you encounter any technical issues or have trouble using the platform, you can reach out to the platform’s customer support team for assistance. They will be happy to help you resolve any issues you may have.